2017 ISA Annual Conference @ Baltimore
Panel: Korean Democracy and Economic Diplomacy

Chair Tae-Hwan Kwak (Eastern Kentucky University)
Disc. Jong O. Ra (Hollins University and Virginia Tech)
Disc. Joongho Kim (The Export-Import Bank of Korea)

Fraud or Not Fraud: Potential Electoral Irregularities in South Korea’s 2012 Presidential Election Taehyun Nam (Salisbury University) and Erik Herron (West Virginia University)

The Origins and Political Consequences of Authoritarian Nostalgia in South Korea and Taiwan
Eunjung Choi and Jongseok Woo (University of South Florida)

Crafting North Korean Democracy for Inter-Korean Peace
Hyug Baeg Im (Korea University)

Competition on versus Emulation : Korea’s Aid Agencies and Allocation of Foreign Aid
Elena V. McLean (SUNY Buffalo) and Taehee Whang (Yonsei University)

New Kids on the Block: New Foreign Aid Donors and How They Learn to Allocate Aid
Byungwon Woo (Hankuk University of Foreign Studies)

Roundtable: Dealing with Nuclear North Korea

Chair Yangmo Ku (Norwich University)
Part. Sung-Yoon Lee (The Fletcher School, Tuffs University)
Part. Terence Roehrig (US Naval War College)
Part. Jae-Jung Suh (ICU)
Part. Fei-Ling Wang (Georgia Institute of Technoogy)
Part. Joel Wit (SAIS)
Part. Stephan Haggard (University of California at San Diego)
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